The Beer Cafe – CSAI T2, Mumbai.

Ever been stranded at the airport for hours and craved a BLT sandwich  or came to see off your best friend early in the morning at 3 am and thought of having a drink before they leave ? Ever wished to grab a drink with close friends after a sad party but the only places open were either too cheap to or unaffordably expensive?

Well, The Beer Cafe at T2 Has got your pockets covered.

We were recently invited by The Guiltless Foodies to review the 24X7 Diner.
Starting off with a chilled mug of Hoegaarden, a sweet and bitter wheat beer spiced up with cilantro and orange peels.

The Beer Cafe has been expanding the franchise rapidly. Having visited the other branches quite a few times, I have always placed almost the same order every time. Few of my favorites have been described below.

Onion Rings
The BEST onion rings in town. I have never been disappointed with this and remains my all time favorite. Jaw-breaking crunchy beer battered sweet onion rings covered with bread crumbs and a hint of paprika served with a southwest mayonnaise.


BLT Sandwich 
There is nothing that can go wrong with a classic Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich. Well cooked bacon with crunchy Lettuce and tomatoes served with chilli fries and …… dip.
If you like bacon, you surely will love the fries as they have a hint of bacon flavour.
Possibly because it’s fried in the same oil.


Alfredo Pasta
Comforting cheesy Alfredo sauce with crispy garlic bread.
The sauce was really flavorsome and the pasta was really well cooked.
The garlic bread had a very powerful garlic flavour to it.

Penne Arrabiata
I always prefer red sauce pasta over any other. But at The Beer Cafe the predecessor tasted much better. The pasta lacked the tanginess and the sweet and spicy flavour one expects in an Arrabiata Sauce.

16 Till I Die
Imagine a perfect Sunday watching a re-run of your favorite daily soap or Super Bowl. A chilled 6 pack beer and Chicken Wings is all you need.
The Platter consists of 4 varieties of Chicken Wings namely BBQ, Chilly Gralic, Spicy Chipotle and Classic Wing Sauce served with tazatziki dip. (The classic wing sauce is the best amongst them)
Unfortunately these wouldn’t be the ones I would order once again. Simply because it lacked the fieriness and flavors.

Veg Spring Rolls
Bombay Vada Pav


It is really difficult to choose which beer cocktail I liked more, each having its own charm.
Crazy Nuts
Soothing and Fuzzy!
We’ve all had our versions Bellini’s and mimosa’s, The Beer Cafe serves a concoction of raspberry and hazelnuts topped with beer.
The drink tastes as good as it looks.


The Blue Flip
Blue flip – Blue Curaçao with Beer, A must try combination. The extra sweetness of the curaçao is balanced by the bitterness of beer. Although, the presence of passion fruit was not felt as mentioned in the menu.
TIP : DO NOT consume it fast. It will definitely give you a pretty bad Brain freeze


Just one word to describe this drink – Refreshing.
If it becomes difficult for you to gulp down beer because of the bitterness, I suggest you go for a Beerjito. The strong lemon and mint flavour definitely dominates over the smell of beer.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait long enough to try the desserts. But had just enough time to click this one.


If you’re leaving the city that never sleeps, A personal suggestion, drop in at The Beer Café A few hours earlier, grab one of the 100 varieties of beer available at the bar that never sleeps with some great comfort food and leave with a happy smile and another story to share someday in future.

Cheers !


Passionate Foodie|Explorer|Music Lover


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