Café Mangii – New Mangiical Menu

I’ll start the article by boasting about my memory a little. For me remembering dates of have always been important (not the ones in history books).
Let it be the first time I tried alcohol or the first time I had chicken or even Caesar salad for that matter.
Clearly, the first time I had a paper thin pizza was at the newly opened Café Mangii,Bandra just after my 8th standard result.

After a successive launch of an impressive breakfast menu at Café Mangii. It was time to try out the new menu which displays an extensive European dishes to choose from at Café Mangii, Powai with FBAI and fellow bloggers.

Amuse Bouche

Mini Watermelon Cups

When we talk about balancing flavors and textures in food, Watermelon and Feta is the perfect example. Sweet & crunchy Watermelon with salty & soft Feta. The one served to us was unique in its own style. Molten Feta with balsamic reduction, pine nuts and mint leaves.

The Cheese Platter

 Noting could go wrong here, Brie, Emental, Cheddar and not to miss our personal favorite- chèvre. Goat Cheese with fresh grounded pepper.
Served with Cured Olives, Grapes, Crostini.



Roasted Bell Pepper Soup

A sweet char-grilled flavour to the soup served with crispy Melba toast. Not something I would order on a sunny day.


Potage Parmentier

DEFINITELY something I would order not caring about the weather. Creamy Leek and Potato Soup with crunchy spicy spinach was nothing but comforting.



Pickled Beet Carpaccio

For those who don’t know what a Carpaccio is, traditionally these are thin slices of meat served with accompaniments as an appetizer.
Once again a fine display of balancing textures. Thin slices of pickled beetroot, walnuts adding to the crunch and the raspberry vinegarette were a delight.

Pickled Beet Carpaccio
Cranberry Apple Salad

Small Plates


Gorged Mushrooms – The table’s favorite of the lot, Cream Cheese and Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms glazed with BBQ sauce.

Baked Jalapenos Molten – Jalapenos & Cheese. Stuffed peppers with molten cheese, not too spicy.

Chicken Pancetta Envelopes –   More commonly, Bacon wrapped Chicken. The tanginess of the Orange apricot sauce did not complement too well to the dish.

 Jerk Chicken Olivetti – Well if you’re a How I Met Your Mother like me, you definitely know The Olive Theory. Well, I am a person who loves olives and clearly this dish was my pick from the appetizers. Olive wrapped chicken glazed with a spicy pepper sauce  served with jerk mayo. Nothing but a tantalizer to your palette.

Crostini Di Polenta – Polenta cakes crostini topped with sweet diced bell peppers salsa. The polenta cakes were overcooked.


One of the major reasons why I have always loved Café Mangii.
The Smoked BBQ Chicken Pizza and the La Casa Bianca.

It was not too difficult to decide which tasted better, The La Casa Bianca was clearly something which was soul touching. Alfredo Sauce with Buratta, Not something I have had in a long time.

The Smoked BBQ chicken pizza was just like any other. The Jalapenos and the Pickled onions adding to the spice and tangy taste.


Ravioli Orange Paprika

Well, Most of us like our pasta al-dente, and indeed it was firm to the bite. Although, the orange paprika sauce was a bit too sweet. The Candied Ginger on top overpowered the taste of the dish possibly because they were too large a piece.

Picture Credits – Afshaa Rajqotwala

Polo Pesto Risotto

Creamy, Cheesy Pesto sauce with chicken. Just another snuggish dish one shouldn’t miss on.


Picture Credits – Afshaa Rajqotwala

Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak

The taste was as pretty as it looked.

Grilled flavorsome Paneer with Tomato risotto, olive and cilantro paste with saffron sauce.

 “An aromatic gem of a sauce” that’s how I will describe the sauce. The cottage cheese was soft and went really well with the olive and cilantro tapenade.

Butterflied Salmon Steak

Pollo Lombardy

I decided to go old school with my main course. Roast Chicken with Red Wine Jus with grilled Asparagus and mashed potatoes, It couldn’t be more traditional.

The Red wine jus can taste terribly wrong if not cooked properly. The one served at Mangii was really flavourful, complementing the natural flavors of the roast chicken which was well cooked.



The Red velvet cake was undercooked and artificially coloured. It left a very powdery


The Cheesecake should have been sweeter and slightly moist.

Picture Credits- The FBAI
Picture Credits -


The staff was really courteous and showed amazing hospitality.
Most of the dishes tasted as good as they looked.

If you’re looking to enjoy a nice comforting European meal with an awe-inspiring view & hospitality with great ambiance, Café Mangii, Powai is a must visit.

Thank you so much Café Mangii and FBAI for hosting such great Saturday afternoon.


Passionate Foodie|Explorer|Music Lover


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