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QSR’S have been a key segment for the Indian food market.
In the past few years we have seen a rapid growth in the number of QSR joints opening up in the city. Inspite of the growth what has remained constant is the change in the ideas and innovative concepts that goes in the making of these QSRs.
When I talk about innovation it means introducing international concepts to the Indian market. More importantly, what’s impressive is the Indianising of the concept.
All of us have experienced a lot of Pan Asian, Mexican, live ice creams and a few international cuisines. These not just allow you to create and customize your own meal box but offer a choice right from the base to the garnish.
We were recently invited to review Indi kitchen by FBAI.
Once again an upcoming QSR at a prime shopping location near Lokhandwala Market which serves, what I could call, an Indian styled wok.

Picture Credits – Afshaa Rajqotwala
Picture Credits – Afshaa Rajqotwala

There are four simple steps involved in getting a pocket friendly sumptuous and filling meal.

Step 1: Choose a base.
Roomali roti, paratha box, butter/ garlic naan or rice. These are the four options offered to accompany your mains.

Step 2: Choose your vegetables.
A variety of vegetables to choose from offering a selection of always avoiding the one particular vegetable we don’t like.

Step 3.
This step gives you the liberty to choose from a variety of gravy from triple theeka, madras curry, bhuna, makhani to name a few.

Step 4.
The final step, where you get to pick your base of proteins with the previous three choices to make your complete D.I.Y meal.

Picture Credits – Afshaa Rajqotwala

We all have eaten the traditional butter chicken or paneer tikka masala as a main course. How would a mutton bhuna taste in makhni gravy or a paneer in madras curry gravy? Well, that was exactly why we were at Indi kitchen, to try a few of these unusual combinations.
Here are a few things which I tried, I was pretty impressed with the food. Although, I thought there were great differences in the basic consistency of the various gravies.

Soft, succulent, well- flavored pieces of mutton.
The gravy, though, was a bit too salty but had a spicy, tangy taste. What I didn’t like about the gravy was the Baristas put on top as a garnish which slightly overpowered the taste. However, the mutton complimented the gravy well. To support my meal, a good portion of butter garlic naan was served.


An array of vegetables to choose from combined with creamy rich tomato gravy was slightly on the sweeter side. However, the sweet tomato based gravy complemented well with the spicy Bhuna gravy.

Picture Credits – Mrugank Desai

THE CHICKEN BIRYANI was full of flavours and the best part about it was that it remained hot throughout the meal, inspite of the “wok” being passed around between fellow bloggers for quite some time.

Picture Credits – Afshaa Rajqotwala


The Best part about the meal once again was the dessert !

Small cocktaill samosas with a brownie filling topped with chocolate was another fusion dessert that really impressed me.
Not too much on the sweeter side and the savory dough cutting the sweetness was just blissful to eat.


Who doesn’t mind a chilled Indian mocktail with a delicious Indian meal? To compensate the mocktails which are definitely not available at this particular Chipotle-ed concept Indian QSR. There were all possible flavours of Paper Boat drinks available.

Picture Credits – Mrugank Desai

A big thanks to Indi kitchen and the FBAI team for hosting us at this recently opened Quick Service Restaurant.
Next time you’re in Andheri, I would definitely recommend you to stop at Indi kitchen for a filling, pocket- friendly meal and a refreshing paper boat drink to complete your experience.


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