An exam on Tuesday and the only thing planned for Sunday was to study. An invite from FBAI for a Renaissance brunch totally came as a saviour. Atleast for a couple of hours I would be munching on food and that would help me forget my scary exams.

This brunch was not just about food. It also promised some great artwork by Ram Indranil Kamath. Focussing on Indian mythology, this artist excels in glass paintings. It was a pleasure to see him paint live at the brunch.  


Eating a buffet has always been a tedious task. Several rounds and visits to different counters are needed before you can feel completely satisfied. I took four rounds for this one without touching a single salad.


For the first round, I focussed only on the huge and massive spread of cheese and breads. The cheese spread consisted of Amul cheese, blue cheese, Greek feta, Philadelphia, goat cheese, cream cheese and several others with the last four being my favorite. There were atleast 15 types of breads. It was impossible for me to try them all but I gorged on the pork sausage bun and the caramelised onion bun. The start of the buffet was so good and I could not wait to try the rest.



After the buns and cheese, it was time to proceed to the salads. The salad spread too was huge. With atleast 25 varieties, I preferred to maintain a safe distance. Even accidentally I would not eat the food that my food eats. There was a section of roast meat and that’s where I headed next. Roast lamb, pork ribs, pork leg and chicken, I enjoyed a piece of each of them. Eating them with the suggested sauces was a good decision indeed.



When you see a pasta, you cannot avoid it. And when u see an entire section of just them, it is impossible to neglect. Ravioli to baked pasta to gnocchi, they had it all. The pastas were a bit cold and the ravioli was not as great as I expected it to be. Being immature when it comes to gnocchis, I really can’t comment on it but the lasagna was worth a try. The variety of pizzas could have definitely been better. Plain cheese and pepperoni being the only two, I opted for the second one. The crust was thin as paper and overall it was delicious.


By now I was already full and I had to still explore the most important part of the buffet, the desserts. Do I try the never ending table of desserts or should I try the macarons and chocolates? Should I go for the chocolate fountain instead or the ice creams and the churros? It was impossible to pick one and thus I decided to try them all. The nut bars and the peanut ice cream were the best of the lot. The red velvet cake was a bit disappointing and I have eaten much better churros before.


It was a pleasant Sunday coupled with some fine Italian food and great artwork. The staff was polite and quick in service. The place was packed and the staff still managed everything well. The chef was courteous enough to personally ask us whether we needed anything. Visiting this place for a brunch is what you should be doing next.


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