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I would start with a quote by Margaret Thatcher,”I wasn’t lucky. I deserved it.” I had a table reserved at Gallops, but I regretted not having one at Neel. However, I thought of giving it a try and guess what. I was immediately given the table. That’s when I knew that I had a great evening to look forward to.
Away from the hustle bustle of the city, Neel has a very quiet and peaceful ambiance. It overlooks the race course and at night, the beautiful lighting compensates for the lovely view. The yellow lighting and the wide spaces coupling with the greenery enhance the simplicity of the decor and give the atmosphere a really soothing affect.


A hallmark of Awadhi cuisine, this kebab is my personal favorite. A nice scrumptious plate of these can make my day and if they are not cooked well, they can even ruin my meal. A plate consisted of four massive round cutlets. The lamb was so finely minced that as you put it in your mouth it melts. It was not spicy and really heavy to eat. The kebabs were served along with ulte tawe ka paratha. This piece of bread was marvellous. Eating it was again a melt-in-the-mouth affair. Gorging on my favorite kebabs with the freshly chopped onions was a heavenly experience. If the start was so good, well you can imagine the rest.


The second dish to arrive on the table was this plate of four gorgeous kebabs made of bamboo shoot and water chestnut. They were sweet in taste and the pieces of chopped water chestnut just added the perfect crunch to them. These kebabs too needed no mastication. Served alongside was a bowl of diced raw mangoes with mustard. It enhanced the taste of these kebabs and we required another bowl of it.


After devouring on those heavy kebabs, we decided to order the paneer ka salan. Five to six double layered, triangular pieces of paneer were present in the gravy. The gravy was rich in cashew nuts and pomegranate added the desired sourness to it. Being a salan the gravy was really thin or rather we can say watery. The paneer pieces were not that soft also but altogether it was a great dish.


This is probably the first time I am stressing so much on the breads. The Warqi paratha was a toothsome multi layered flaky paratha, a great accompaniment to the salan indeed. The Awadhi Magaz naan was a soft naan garnished with white watermelon seeds. The Amritsari kulcha was heartly stuffed with potatoes and was really heavy to eat.


This traditional Hyderabadi delicacy is usually apricots cooked in water and sugar. It has the texture of a paste or rather a soft creamy one. This version of the khubani ka meetha was a bit different. The dish was covered with puff pastry dough and then baked. Digging the spoon through the puff pastry veil, to reach the mouth watering end to the meal, was just worth it.


The hospitality and the service really deserves a special mention. The staff was really patient and cooperative and we were taken care of really well.

PUBLISHED BY AKSHAY LALCHANDANI  Writer|Intense foodie|Explorer


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