Dicey Nights @ Out of The Blue

How often has it happened that you have been to a place innumerous times and instead of trying a new one, you’ve landed up to the same old place, loving the same old menu and ordering your all time favorites once more. Well, this has always happened to me for places like Out Of The Blue is probably one of the oldest restaurants in Bandra serving some delicious Continental and European food for over 15 years. This is the first place I have always suggested to anyone who looks for a comforting evening.
It is located at the Le Sutra hotel, Bandra and is definitely a favorite spot for all the people living in Bandra. The place has always been a host for one of the most famous desert crawls, Dessert gardens and many more events.
It was a time that they introduced something of their own.
“The Dicey Nights” is a promotional event where the management has introduced a totally new menu with some amazing classic cocktails with a twist, the outside seating area has been converted from a dimly lit seating  to a fun loving cheerful place with drinking games like Jenga, Giant chess, Beer Pong, Foosball, Shots Roulette with prizes to be distributed. While I was reaching Out of The Blue from work, I really wondered what “The Dicey Nights” could be. Turns out that the “The Dicey” wasn’t meant to be unsure, it was just to notify you about the cool games, amazing food& drinks and make you Dicey about going home. An evening I definitely wouldn’t mind attending when I’m about to finish my internship.

The Ultimate Bellini-

It was the first drink I tried that night. Traditional Bellini with a rum base, consisting of sparkling wine, peach liquor with a twist of Fruity sangria. The fruity sangria not only added to the taste but also took the drink to another level.



I am not even remotely ashamed of ordering a pink drink if it tastes so good. Cotton candy served with an orange peel in a martini glass rimmed with pink sugar. The idea was to pour the sparkling wine and see the candy dissolve. Not only was it pleasing to the eyes but also sweet in taste and pink in color. Girls you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

DSC_0554 DSC_0557

The gummy bear shot-

This is probably the strongest thing I have had till date. Gummy Bears soaked in liquor with a vodka shot served in test tubes like flask.


Liquid tiramisu-

A very interesting whisky based cocktail. Three test tubes filled with whisky and espresso. The server told us that they introduced this to finish off the meal with this instead of the regular clichéd “Cafe”. It could be had in two ways, on the rocks or as a shot.


The other cocktails we tried were:
Passion of “007” Martini


Black Jack Sangria


Nachos Upside Down were different than the regular nachos. Half dome shaped tortilla chips placed upside down.
All the possible sides I could recognize were sour cream, salsa, cheese, bean, olives, and jalapenos.


Cajun and hummus chicken
An all time favorite at Out of The Blue the Cajun chicken was perfectly spicy as its supposed to be and hummus chicken actually balanced the dish.


The 7 layer dip with Hummus and Pita.
It is always difficult to recognize all the ingredients of the dish, Thanks to the amazing chef’s Aafsha Rajqotwala and Mrugank Desai sitting beside me. We were able to figure out a few Baba Ghanoush , Barbeque , tomato , spinach, hummus, beetroot. It was served with pita bread.

Photo Courtesy – Mrugank Desai

The Grilled John Dory with Couscous and Chimichuri Sauce.
Absolutely loved the fish preparation. A strong dominating taste of lemon Chimichuri Sauce. The fish was beautifully cooked.


The Grilled Chicken with Merlot Sauce
This was the dish I ordered assuming it will take less time to come as it was chicken. We had to wait for a long time for it to arrive, but it was worth the wait. The chicken once again cooked beautifully with the merlot sauce adding so many flavours to it.


The Lamb Shanks
The lamb so succulent that it just left the bone and the meat was so tender. The sauce tasted amazing.
This was one of the stars of the evening which made me come back on Saturday in the same week to eat this.


Cottage cheese and spinach ravioli
I personally did not enjoy the raviolis too much but the cheese sauce was so creamy and cheesy that made me eat only the sauce.


We were quite stuffed by the end of the meal, but the desserts were yet to come.

Bitter sweet carvings-

A piece of dark chocolate mousse which was slightly frozen making it hard to cut. Although it was very smooth and velevty after touching the palate , the apple compote and the walnut crumb was a let down.


I have always been a huge fan of desserts at Out of The Blue but this was a really a disappointing start but it was not the end of the meal. The Best was yet to come.

We were then served the Crème Brûlée and The Vegan Chia pudding


The Crème Brûlée was so bright in texture and had the perfect sweetness to it. The Vegan Chia was a three layer pudding with a coconut chia base, the second layer to be mango chia and chocolate to top it off!! One has to dig deep inside in order to get all possible flavors. The latter two desserts were accompanied by a mango sauce which definitely deserves a mention it was a really smooth and fresh mango sauce accompanying the desserts perfectly.

A special thanks to FBAI for inviting me to review “The Dicey Nights” and also to Out of The Blue for being such an amazing host to the evening. Another highlight of the night was the live music by Mr. D’souza added to the ambiance with his amazing voice and guitar.


P.S- If you are looking to loosen up in the evenings after a long day at work and want to spend quality time with close friends or loud ones Out of The Blue is definitely a must visit. The Dicey Nights is on until the 8th of November, 2015. Gummy bears, Jenga, Snakes & Ladders accompanied by some great food and drinks will definitely take you back to the childhood, the difference being that they have alcohol to remind you that you have grown up. I have already visited this place twice and suggest the readers to go there to have a good time.

Cheers !


Passionate Foodie|Explorer|Music Lover


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