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Around three months back, we started our blog with the aim of exploring the unexplored. Our first post was about a place barely anyone had even heard of, a small place tuck in the bylanes of Andheri. As time passed by, we did explore a dessert bistro but most of our time went in attending events and blogger meets. RKM has finally helped us write about another such hidden gem.

Roti Kapda Makan is located on the first floor, and is thus a bit difficult to locate. The entrance is via an office. But as soon as you reach upstairs, you find yourself in the midst of a cafe cum shop. This place basically sells all the three basic necessities of life, roti, kapda and decor for your makaan. It is a small but lively place and the stuff, which can be purchased, is really interesting.




We all have tried various dips, either with an assortment of accompaniments or just with a spoon. Now imagine, what if your accompaniment is your spoon or your spoon is your accompaniment? This dish was the main reason why we went there. It included six gorgeous herbed spoons which were edible. The spoons were a bit spicy and had the crunch in them. Cream cheese hummus, Harissa hummus and pesto hummus, each took hold of two spoons. The cream cheese one was a bit disappointing. It lacked the cheesy taste. The Harissa one was as expected spicy and the pesto one was bursting with flavors of basil. This dish was visually more alluring and the taste definitely did not baffle us.


It was indeed the Indian version of the classic cream horns. It made it a very interesting appetizer. Two cones were stuffed with pav bhaji whereas two were filled with cholle. The pav bhaji was somewhat good in taste but the cholle was a real disappointment. The cholle was served in the form of a paste and hence lost its charm. However, the amalgamation of pav bhaji and cholle with the flaky pastry cones was something definitely rare. The way this dish was served, was also very spellbinding. The cones were placed in inverted, half cut glass bottles with their caps unopened. Further, the four were held in a tea glass holder. This appetizer was something that my eyes enjoyed more than my mouth for sure.


I have tried the Burmese Khow suey several times, and this dish constantly reminded me of it. Just substitute the noodles with baked samosas and there you go. This dish also had the coconut curry and various condiments. Each ingredient was served in a separate jar. The condiments included peanuts, spring onions and crispy white flakes. Pour the coconut curry over the samosas and garnish it with the accompaniments, and a scrumptious course is ready. The curry was delicious and a bit spicy. It was a dish sufficient for one and definitely worth a try.


This was the last item on our list for the evening. It was very deceptive when it came to the size. It was not mighty from any angle. A medium sized chocolate muffin was served in a paper cup, over a soap dish. Yes, a soap dish. It was infused with chocolate chips and was really light. It was moist in texture but a bit sticky at the same time. It reminded me of the cup cake that I used to eat at Merwans,Andheri. The taste was overall decent but it was too overpriced.


The innovations brought into the regular dishes and the presentation of each and every thing on the menu is just commendable. My eyes would rate the food a ten on ten whereas my mouth wasn’t that pleased.


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