“Smiling, Spinning Round and Round, Holding Hands, The whole world a blur, But you are standing” not only is this the literal translation of the song “Hoppipola”,but also my exact condition after visiting Hoppipola on a hot Sunday afternoon.I was invited By FBAI for a bloggers table.Usually having my Sundays reserved for my family, I was fortunate enough that my parents were out on the weekend and allowed me to accept the invite without any hesitation.This place is a hidden gem in the by lanes of khar.It is famous for the amazing cocktails menu and the various competitions throughout the year is always something I have looked forward to.With The beautiful white and blue interiors, chalk board tables ,cuckoo bird houses and stained glass panels, the small airplanes hanging from the ceiling justifying the saying “Sky’s The limit” (especially when you’re high).Having been there quite a few times I really looked forward to try the new cocktails menu and will be describing the same.

Whisky Sour

After a small brief about the afternoon by The Chief Drinking Officer, Mr. Sandeep, two of us were asked to volunteer to make the first cocktail, The Classic ‘Whisky Sour’. There have been times when I have made this old school cocktail and didn’t want to miss the chance to make it once again. Bourbon whisky is used as a base with a lot of lime and just a little sugar to cut the sour taste. Egg whites are added as a creamy, frothy element to the cocktail.

The Ballerina

One of the best cocktails I have ever tasted. A drink which can definitely awaken ones senses, Hints of raspberry dominated by the taste of balsamic vinegar. The highlight being that the glass rimmed with Kaffir lime infused salt which really took the drink to another level.
A portion of bruschettas were served along with the drink. This was really one of the best food pairing I have ever come across.


A very refreshing drink served in a bulb shaped glass, a sweet reaction of fresh watermelon juice with cranberry juice, the catalyst being Vodka. There could not be a better way to kill the heat.
The lemon and mint leaves acted as a promoter to the reaction. The final product being a soothing face. Well, That’s the only chemistry i can think of after graduating from school and probably the best way to describe the cocktail justifying the name “IQ”


Desi Martini

A vodka based cocktail with fresh pomegranate juice and a very subtle taste of coriander and small nibbles of the pomegranate seeds.
The smoked glass gave it a spicy flavor subsidizing the sweet taste.


Pornstar Martini

A fruity sweet cocktail with champagne served on the side, this was a very intensely flavored drink. This drink originated from The London School of Mixology. This salaciously titled fruity concoction was served in a smoked jar, the base being of vodka with vanilla syrup and Passion puree.

It is served with a shot of sparkling wine.

IMG_20151011_141836Auckland Ice Freeze

It was just another version of a Long Island Iced Tea but didn’t even taste remotely similar. The only similarity being that most of the poisons used in both the cocktails were same except the Malibu which was a replacement for rum.
Kiwi puree was definitely one of the key ingredients.
It was served to us in a glass which was surrounded by dry ice giving it a nice look and keeping it really chilled at the same time.


Bird Cage
This was one of the best presented cocktails.
A white colored birdcage with a blue bucket and the cocktail being inside it.
The straws were much wider and bigger for the squashed chunks of pineapple and kiwi puree. But I did not get any of it while sipping the drink. The base of the cocktail was rum with orange liquor and pomegranate juice.


The Hoppi Bath Tub
Not only did it taste the best amongst all the cocktails but also looked visually very pleasing.
Topped with ice, the combination of white rum and beer went well.
Basil and burnt oranges were the flavours added to it.
After a few sips, I realized that it not only had basil and oranges but also crushed ginger.
One would never imagine ginger being used so well.


Da VinciTini

For all the chocolate lovers out there,
This is one drink you cannot miss.
Given a choice of dark and white chocolate along with caramel sauce, this was a DIY drink.
The concoction of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Vodka Espresso once again proved that chocolates and alcohol can really go well together and not only be used in liqueur chocolates.


The last drink served to us was very unusual.
It was served in a bitter gourd which was scooped out.
I frankly do not remember the taste too much as it was supposed to be had like a shot. But it definitely had coriander and chillies in it. It was a whisky based cocktail.
One of the bartenders told us that the drink was served in the bitter gourd to extract the sourness from it and infuse it in the drink naturally.


Well, it was indeed a “Boozy” afternoon. I have never been disappointed going to Hoppipola and will definitely keep visiting the place, to try something new every time and participate in their various competitions.
Once again a special Thanks to FBAI and Hoppipola for inviting me to this event.
Photo Credits for the featured image : Chai Cake & Kisch.


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