My first ever wine tasting session was at the office of FINE WINES & MORE, Andheri. It was hosted by Mr. Ranjit Surve, a wine connoisseur and the General Manager of Pause Wines. Assisted by Mr. Lokesh Patil, these two gentlemen were our guides for the evening. Having very little or rather negligible knowledge of wines, It was an evening to look forward, an evening to get myself educated. Five wines were served but before I get to the wines, there is something to share about Pause Wines.


Pause Wines: A premium wine producer and provider in the country, they have their vineyards mainly in Dindori. It is spread over 100 acres with a production capacity of 60,000 liters.

Pause wines was started by Mr. Rajesh Patil, a well travelled food connoisseur himself. It was his decision to turn his love for food and travel into a rewarding vocation.
Pause Wines was established with two very basic and interesting aims.
1) Make wine an integral part of the daily diet of every Indian. & 2) Spread the wine culture in the country and make it available to everyone.


Chenin Blanc

This was the first wine served that evening. I would really like to share the steps of tasting wine while describing this one.
Color: The first step was to observe the color of the wine, this one was a pale yellow colored wine.

Style: We were then asked to swirl the glass of wine. The more you swirl the glass, the more of the aromatic compounds get activated. On tilting the glass one can observe a golden ring. This variety or rather type of wine was definitely medium bodied.

Aromas: The presence of melon, guava and several other tropical fruits could be felt by just sniffing the glass of the wine. The aromas are mild but a little bit of attention and the nose enjoys the wine too.

Flavors: The next step was to take a sip of the wine and explore the enigmatic flavors. It was definitely fruity and round on the palette. Light and mild in taste, it is surely not a serious wine

Food pairing: Spicy coastal food and Italian food would be perfectly paired with Chenin Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc

Color: The second white wine of the evening, this had a more prominent golden or rather straw yellow color.

Style: Again on tilting the glass, the ring helped us identify it as a medium bodied wine.

Aromas: A careful act of olfaction and we could experience herbal, woody and grassy odors.

Flavors: Sauvignon Blanc is matured and aged. Hints of lemon, pineapple and guava could be felt.

Food pairing: This is a serious wine and goes well with mushroom risotto and cashew nut curry.



Color:  The white wines were done for the evening. Tempranillo was the first red wine poured into our glasses. It has a deep red color.

Style: Red wines are dealt in a different way. The glass is first tilted and then got back to its original position. The flow of the wine, or more technically known as the legs, are observed. The slower the flow, the heavier is the wine. Tempranillo is a heavy bodied wine.

Aromas: Cranberry, mulberry, cherries and cloves can be identified.

Flavors: A hint of dark chocolate is probably the only prominent flavor.

Food Pairing: Veg Kurma, Veg Kohlapuri and other spicy dishes rich in oil.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Color: Deep red but not very dark at the same time.

Style: The legs were moderate and so was the flow. It is a medium bodied wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is also known as the Queen of Red Wines.

Aromas: This particular type of wine has very complex aromas. It is very difficult to single out any one aroma, although berries and woody essences can still be figured out

Flavors: A spicy flavor that lingers in the mouth for a long time, it is more of a serious wine.

Food pairing: Spicy variety of wine is usually enjoyed with less spicy dishes like sarson da saag and roasted lamb.

Cabernet Shiraz

Color: The last wine of the evening was the King of red wines, Cabernet Shiraz. Appreciated more by Indians and Arabs, this also has a deep red color.

Style: Shiraz is full bodied and also dry to an extent.

Aromas: A sniff of the wine will remind you of many spices like black pepper, cinnamon and even cloves.

Flavors: It is very spicy and oaky in taste. It is probably the spiciest of them all.

Food pairing: Meat balls with spaghetti, lamb steak, Penne Arrabiata are a few dishes that could be paired well.


The evening was not something I will easily forget. From the hospitality of the hosts, to the knowledge of the wines, to the accompaniments served…. Everything was beyond my expectations.
I can now finally say that I know something about wines.
Before I forget, Mr. Rajesh Patil, the man behind Pause Wines had also come for a few minutes to greet us. My first wine tasting session and I will always cherish the memories that I took back home.

Photo courtesy : Pause Wines


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