Amaya is located at the ground floor at Phoenix Market City, Kurla, offering a wide variety of Indian Food. It is managed by the same management as Asia Bar, The Big Kahuna, Sichuan House and 212 All Day Café and Bar. I was invited by FBAI for my first bloggers table curated by Chef Paul Kinny. It was the first chance I got to dine with fellow senior bloggers. Being the youngest one on the table, not only was it a gastronomical experience but also a learning one. North Indian food being one of my weaknesses, I was looking forward to write a review about Amaya. Eight appetizers being served were beyond my expectations. Bombay traffic as usual made me miss a few dishes, hence will I be writing about the ones I tried.

Hare Mirch aur Dhaniye ki Tikki (INR 300)

The name itself empowers high flavors and trust me it did not disappoint even a bit. Softness of the paneer with the spiciness of the chilly and the lousiness of cheese with the freshness of coriander. Oh! Wow, it couldn’t taste better. Usually we end the meals with desserts, but it were these soft and crunchy tikkis which we ended our meals with.

Hare Mirch aur Dhaniye ki Tikki

Peshawari Kumbh (INR 300)

The mushrooms were delicate and juicy, stuffed with a spiced cheese mixture topped with coriander and cheese. Plated and presented beautifully was an absolute prized winner and a must have vegetarian option.

 Peshawari Kumbh

Noorani Seekh (INR 275) and Lamb Gilafi Seekh (INR 350)

The Noorani Seekh kebab for me lacked flavors and tasted, kind of bland, whereas the Gilafi Seekh Kebab was a total opposite of the predecessor. Mouth melting and flavorsome are the only two adjectives I can use to describe this dish. A dash of lemon juice and green chutney really went well with the dish.

Lamb Gilafi Seekh

Noorani Seekh

Punjabi Lasooni Kebab (INR 325)

If you are a chicken kebab lover, this is one dish you cannot miss to order. The chicken was tender and moist; every bite of the tikka proved that it was well marinated as not only did the outside boast the garlic flavor but also the inside.

 Punjabi Lasooni Kebab

Lasooni Jhinga (INR 550)

Everyone prefers a perfectly cooked prawn with flavors bursting in every bite. Chef Paul Kinny made sure that the prawns were cooked right and the lasooni flavor did justice to the dish’s name.

Lasooni Jhinga

Paneer Lababdar (INR 325)

A rich tomato gravy with soft pieces of paneer making it a good spicy option for vegetarians.

Paneer Lababdar

Paneer Ke Dulme (INR 325)

Paneer wrapped in spinach with rich tomato makhni gravy was something really exclusive and the taste complimented really well.

Paneer Ke Dulme

Mutton Rogan Josh (INR 400)

Traditionally a spicy Persian gravy, the flavors were almost up to the mark except the fact that it could have been a bit spicier, it was also more runny than usual. But the lamb was cooked so perfectly, absorbing and wrapping the flavors so well that it made me forget about the gravy.

Mutton Rogan Josh

Dal Makhni (INR 250)

After eating the Dal Makhni (Dal Bukhara) at ITC Peshawri, I have always expected high of this dish to every Indian restaurant I have been to. The dal makhni at Amaya was really creamy and had an amazing flavor to it. It truly lived up to my expectations and I couldn’t stop hogging on to it.

Dal Makhni

Murgh Karachiwala (INR 390)

Mildly spiced tomato gravy with succulent pieces of chicken was an absolute winner. Totally balanced flavor and so beautifully presented by using egg whites is definitely a very good non vegetarian option.

Murgh Karachiwala

Kacche Murgh Ki Biryani (INR 325)

Honestly, I did not enjoy the biryani too much. It lacked the spiciness and it was a little dry.
The chicken tasted bland as well. I enjoyed the tarkari biryani more.

Kacche Murgh Ki Biryani

Baked Gulab Jamun with Rabdi Glaze (INR 150)

Although they didn’t do justice to the name as it wasn’t baked, the gulab jamuns were really soft and were presented beautifully. Even with the rabdi on top it didn’t taste extra sweet. A pinch of cardamom and the chopped dry fruits gave it the final touch.

Kolkata Meetha Paan Ice cream (INR 145)

This was definitely the STAR of the evening. An ice-cream so velvety and fresh that you just cannot stop asking for more. Having tried the paan ice-cream at various other places …. This truly outstood all other paan ice-creams. It completely exceeded my expectation as every bite of it was a blast of flavors of fennel seeds and beetle leaves in your mouth. All’s well that ends well; Indeed the refreshing ice-cream was a perfect way to end the meal.

Kolkata Meetha Paan Ice cream & Baked Gulab Jamun with Rabdi Glaze

It was overall a great evening, An unfortunate power cut at the mall did act like a speed breaker affecting the service. But then trying some really simple but scrumptious food and meeting a lot of new people covered up for that. Looking forward to visit Amaya soon for some of my favorites.

Photo courtesy : Chef Mrugank Desai

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