A call from FBAI and I was invited for the launch of ‘FAMILY SECRETS:THE KHAN FAMILY COOKBOOK’ by Zarine Khan. I was rather sent to the event to represent FBAI(Food Bloggers Association of India). Clicking pictures, observing and describing the event, this was expected out of me. Of course excited and nervous, as this was the first event i would be attending, since i started blogging, it was indeed a remarkable experience. My observations and a gist of the event, written by me, got appreciated and found place on FBAI’s official blog. The article posted on their blog is in quotes. I apologize for the bad photography though.

” On 12th August, The Charcoal Project was where ‘Family Secrets: The Khan Family Cookbook’ was launched. The two chief guests for the evening were Zoya Akhtar and Dia Mirza who have also provided quotes in the book. This book written by Zarine Khan consists of all the secrets of cooking held by the Khan family. Zarine Khan shares some of the most special recipes from her famous kitchen, with recipes handed down over the generations even the famous biryani served at the Khan’s annual Eid party.


At 8.30 Zarine Khan herself started briefing the guests about the book. She spoke about the recipes in the book and how she has written about the intimate details of what is on the table when the star-family gets together for their Sunday meal. The whole Khan Family spoke on this very important day for Zarine Khan.


Sanjay spoke about how awesome a cook Zarine is, a statement which was undoubtedly accepted by their children Farah Ali, Simone Arora, Suzzane, and Zayed. Farah Ali also mentioned that in their childhood days they used to go to Srinagar every summer to their aunt Dilshad’s house. Their father would take them for fishing and then catch fresh trout and cook it with butter lime and pepper. Zayed also mentioned his father’s love towards cooking and used to basically supervise 17 sue chefs at the same time. After all of them three family friends spoke including Sunil Alagh, all of whom praised Zarine khan’s food and hospitality. He also quoted that “Nobody can escape her delicious food.” IMG-20150812-WA0010IMG-20150812-WA0015

The function then ended with a cake cutting and then books being there for sale and autograph. There was plenty of food, champagne and wine on the house.


Akshay lalchandani


On behalf of FBAI

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