Round and tempting to the eye. Becoming the most coveted cookie in France, 2009 was the year when macarons were introduced in Mumbai. Perhaps it’s the rainbow of cheerful hues, the adorable two-bite size, or most likely the perfect crisp-chewy texture, but I just can’t get enough of French macarons Experiments have been done with macarons by giving them countless colors and flavors beyond your wildest imagination. Keeping this imagination in mind…. Here we are with some of the very unique and one of their kind macarons in Mumbai.

Mojito Macaron (INR 40)

Petits Plaisirs Patisserie, Versova

The combination of an all time favorite cocktail and a macaron came to me as a total surprise. Used to the basic flavors this was something very unique. The perfect crunch and the strong minty taste made me fall in love with this one. Drink a glass of The Classic Mojito or eat this macaron, trust me there is literally no difference. Highly recommended for the mojito lovers and if you aren’t a mojito fan… well, you will definitely fall in love with this macaron.


Mango with Caramel Macaron (INR 40)

Petits Plaisirs Patisserie, Versova

The strong sweet caramel definitely dominates the palette. The mango has a very subtle flavor and it hits the back of the tongue only towards the end. Everything from the looks to the mesmerizing mango flavor, made me eat another one at the very moment. Remember to shut your eyes and indulge yourself completely to enjoy the mild mango flavor being sinfully dominated by the strong sweet caramel.

image (1)

Apricot Macaron (INR 40+Taxes)

Oven Fresh Bakery, Dadar

Heavy in weight and heavy in taste. The filling tastes just like the fruit. It’s more like a piece of apricot kept instead of the cream. Be it the texture or the taste… an apricot in your mouth, that’s what it feels like. Having tasted several fruit flavored macarons this one was indeed an authentic fruit flavored macaron.


Bubblegum Macaron (INR 60+Taxes)

The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel

Terming it as a messy product spoiling your teeth, bubblegum is not something parents encourage their children to chew. But I’m sure no one would ever say no to a bubble gum macaron, the name says it all. One would not even think that a macaron like this could even exist. Sinfully flavored with strawberry, crispy from the outside and chewy from the inside, this beautiful pink colored macaron reminded me of a chewing gum named “boomer” which I used to buy every single day after school. This one is definitely the prettiest macaron of all time.



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