Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. My name is Aaditya Gupta. I am currently pursuing my hospitality studies at SRIHM and also interning at TRIDENT,BKC, Mumbai. Being associated to the hospitality industry for more than a year now, one thing I realized is that for a chef or restaurateur, more than the money, it’s the appraisal and review of the food that counts the most. It was high time that I did something of my own and could not think of anything better than a food blog itself. With a lot of motivation from fellow mates and friends, I finally built up the confidence to start this blog along with my friend Mr. Akshay Lalchandani.

Akshay is equally passionate about food. Exploring new eateries and dishes has always been his hobby. Having a common motive, here we are up with this blog.

We intend to make an attempt at reviewing some food joints and hoping that these will be of help to every food lover. (I refuse to agree that someone is not a foodie :P).

Happy Blogging!

Passionate foodie|Explorer|Music lover


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